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Childhood Home - The New EP


Upcoming Shows


10.01.2015- The Gladstone Arms, Lant St, Borough

07.03.2015- The Gladstone Arms, Lant St, Borough


Past Shows


05.02.2014-The Old Queens Head, Islington, London

13.03.2014-Bogaloo, Highgate, London

25.03.2014-The Alley Cat, Denmark St, London

05.04.2014-The Constitution, Camden, London

14.04.2014-Round Midnight, Islington, London

26.04.2014-The Gladstone, Borough, London (unplugged)

02.05.2014-The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton, London

20.05.2014-The Alley Cat, Denmark St, London

05.06.2014-Under Solo, Camden, London

17.06.2014-The Alley Cat, Denmark St, London

01.07.2014-The Alley Cat, Denmark St, London

06.07.2014-The Country Soul Sessions, The Spice Of Life, London (unplugged)

08.08.2014 - The Living Room Soho, 3 Greens Court, W1F 0HD London

26.09.2014 - The Alley Cat, Denmark St

11.10.2014 -The Gladstone, Lant St, Borough, London

28.10.2014-Floripa, London

12.11.2014-The Spice of Life, London

03.12.2014-The Old Queens Head, London










Maybe I'll take a short holiday. Somewhere sleepy on the coast on Spain. But I've got a feeling this feeling can't be travelled away. 
Cos I've got this restless fever in my soul, no matter who I'm with or where I go, there's a voice in my head saying these dreams won't ever pay. 
I've been losing my way, losing my way, losing my way.

Must have lived a hundred lives through the windy past, now I'm wondering if anything was made to last when I think of all the faces I loved that slipped away
....And left me strumming this guitar on a worn out stool like an over-educated, under-skilled fool, getting flashbacks of tomorrow today. 
So I'll skip the school reunion in my childhood home, don't wanna talk to my father on the telephone, cos I know what they're thinking even when they don't say I've been losing my way, losing my way, losing my way.

But they don't know me like you do. Through all the changes that my hearts going through, you keep me believing with a gamblers pride, I know I'll win if I keep you by my side.



Riding the waves of a changing world for nearly a hundred years, can you still remember those black and white silent movie theatres that you left behind you in your childhood home? Brothers and sisters all around you, but still your heart it had to roam.

But for me you gave unchanging shelter 'neath your wings. Your legendary stories taught me so many things. But what a drag to see you now in your final hour of need. I wanna find the words to thank you but we both just sit there silently.

Through all your pain dear, you never shed one tear.

But I hear you sayin' "Don't wear that black for long, now that I'm gone. This body can dance again, this heart is filled with song".

Now gone is your pain dear, so I won't shed one tear. Yeah gone is your pain dear, so I won't shed one tear.



Childhood Home



We got a thirst for knowledge, soon as man was conceived. From the ancient Greeks to the Ivy league. But we found no cure for this world of suffering. Still philosophizing, war still raging. I found no virtue in knowing everything.

Don't wanna be like Adam, don't wanna be like Eve. Pole dancing with Satan, winding up down on my knees. 
East of the garden there was oppression and disease. But it's hard to unlearn a lie you love to believe. 
Still I found no freedom in doing just like I please.

See the new world leader winning hearts in every town. Paraded like a saviour, five years later he's a clown. 
Knows all the facts and the figures, and he talks with style. It'll win him power for a little while. 
But in the end it's the same old story. He won't admit where he's been weak. All we hear is blame shifting, and promises no man can keep. 
And it finds no cure for this world of suffering. Still philosophizing, war still raging. I found no virtue in knowing everything.

I found no virtue in knowing everything.




I remember when I was 13 years old
My mother took my brother and me
All the way to sin city
Creeping 'round the bend through the desert dust bowls,
A sea of lights lit the sky like a Christmas tree

We were hanging around in the playground of the world
Inside a casino there was I keeping one eye on a topless girl
I knew there and then that it wouldn't take long
For my teenage desires to unfurl

But little did I know then
That the only place I’d wanna see again
Was five hours north in our rented car
A forgotten town called Tonopah

Tonopah, Tonopah
They can keep the money, I keep my heart in Tonopah

As I recall there was nothing at all you could say on a postcard. Just a coffee house and a spooky graveyard.
But now I'm looking for that solitary life
Underneath a silent starry sky
And I know that I won’t have to look too far
If I ever get back to Tonopah

Tonopah, Tonopah
They can keep the money, I keep my heart in Tonopah



There's a face in the crowd used to be my friend, now we see each other in the street and pretend like 'I don't see you, you don't see me, no hard feelings I guess'.

But I remember a happier time when it felt so easy to speak our minds, cos we had nothing to hide, no one to impress.

Sittin' out late on your roof so wet, smoking our first cigarettes, too young to have ever guessed we could end up so alone.

But there's nothing left left of my childhood home. No there's nothing left of my childhood home. Nobody there in my childhood home.

Now sometimes I wish I'd see you again at the wedding or funeral of a mutual friend but I guess it's been too long now to pretend. Cos when my mother died when I was 19 the first thing on my mind was to pack up and leave, and scatter my seeds on the sheet-thin soil of the city.

Cos there was nothing left of my childhood home. There was nothing left of my childhood home, nobody left in my childhood home.

I'm still searching for home, like the smoke in the breeze, like the blackest leaf on the family tree. And when I leave this world, oh God wont you take me back to my childhood home.

Won't you take me back to my childhood home.




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'Seriously infectious Music'

- Chris Lockie, Londonist


A lot of the material here is much funkier and soulful than anything either Dylan or Young could ever pull off, and it’s because there’s just as many modern, alternative influences here'

- Cody Conard, The Big Takeover


'A powerful statement that captures the trials and tribulations of growing up'

- Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound


No Virtue is a reflective and contemplative cut that immediately amazes with its Led Zeppelin-ish vibe and dynamic lyrics....If the Childhood Home EP is any indication of what The Healing can do, then the band will undoubtedly impress for years to come'

- Kyle Jarmon, Examiner


'If you like more laid back indie rock, the dream filled jangle these guys conjure is worth your time´

- Wil Cifer, The Next Big Thing


The Healing are a four piece band from London, England, combining elements of rock, roots, soul and poetry. Their full line-up was completed in the autumn of 2013, consisting of Jim Moreton (vocals, guitar), Nicolas Py (drums), Sam Thiery (bass) and Ariel Moreton (harmony vocals). They are a multinational group with members from England, the USA and France and their style ranges from atmospheric driving rock songs such as ‘Tonopah’ to tender, country inspired ballads such as ‘Childhood Home’. In either gear, songwriter Jim Moreton’s lyrics frequently draw from the theme of childhood memories, both happy and sad, and the lives of family members to create intimate and emotionally powerful songs. Musically, their songs weave together strong vocal and guitar melodies with dynamic grooves, close harmony singing and alternate guitar tunings. Their sound has been compared to artists including Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Wilco, Kurt Vile, Lucinda Williams, The Beatles and Neil Young. They released their first single 'Childhood Home' in October 2013, accompanied by a video shot in the frozen prairies of Manitoba, Canada. On 22nd August they released their debut EP, also called ‘Childhood Home’. It was recorded at 123 Studios London with acclaimed engineer/producer Brett Shaw, and is available for free download at